Friday, 31 January 2014

New Propagator

We have constructed a new Propagator for the vertical farm.  This is our second propagator we will eventually have four capable of growing over 2000 plants in total

Photo of the new Propagator

The Propagators have a light on each of their 3 levels and a heat mat under and irrigation tray. This means that we can control how much light, heat and water the plants will get during their time on the propagator.  We can also raise the humidity by adding a cloche.    

There is an adjustable light fixture on every level 

The different levels of the propagator can all be set differently giving us the ability to grow a wide variety of plants.  When all the propagators are completed they will be housed in their own room were any excess heat generated can be pumped in to the farm and used as an additional heat source.

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