Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Farm

The Farm

Here are some pictures to let you see what the farm looks like and what technology we will be using before it is all planted up.


Aquaponic Production Unit
We have two units like this in the farm. They allow us to grow fish in the bottom tanks and then grow plants in the water pumped up to the top. The nitrates that the fish produce will be converted in to nitrogen by the plants and used to enhance growth. The water will then filter back down in to the fish tank nitrate free.

Vertical Conveyor Belt:

Bottom of conveyor
 The Vertical Conveyor is a Hydroponic system that travels up two floors giving a growing area of 1/2 and acre between the two conveyors.


 The Troughs will be filled with water and a nutrient solution and the plants placed in a floating raft.  The plants roots will be directly in the water.


Propagator Unit used for Germinating Seed 


The Propagator is used to germinate seeds and grow them in to a plug ready for planting out on either the vertical conveyor or the Aquaponic units. Each unit will have 3 levels and be capable of growing 540 plants.  We will have four propagators in total and they will be used to keep the farm going at maximum efficiency capable of harvesting 100 lettuce a day. 

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  1. We were proud to be involved with this excellent project,
    Ian Goodier- Gough & Co Engineering Ltd- Manufacturer of the Vertical Farm Elevator System.