Monday, 3 February 2014

Green and Growing

The farm is quickly filling with plants all grown on the farm from seed.  The aquaponic units are all planted up and the propagators are being filled as fast as we can build them. 

Aquaponic display bed growing a mix of Lettuce and Coriander. 
We have two aquaponic units growing Lettuce and then a display bed with a combination of Lettuce and coriander. 
Lettuce growing in one of the larger Aquaponic units
our next step it to get the finishing touches added to the hydroponic vertical conveyor and get it planted up. when the vertical conveyor is running it will be capable of growing over 40000 plants a year.
6 day old Pak Choi on one of our propagators 
Basil just begging to come through

11 day old Lettuce ready to be spaced out

These are some pictures of the crops we are growing.  We are also growing rocket and spinach and are planning to add mushrooms as well.  

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