Monday, 10 February 2014

Herbs growing on the farm

Here on the farm we have a variety of herbs growing.  These include spinach, coriander, rocket and basil. 
12 day old Basil growing on the Propagator
Picture of young basil plants growing on the Propagator. These will eventually be transferred over on to the aquaponic and hydroponic systems until they are ready for harvest.
28 day old Coriander
Here is a picture of some coriander we have planted on one of our aquaponic units. We also have plants growing on a floating bed system in our aquaponic tanks. 

Spinach and Coriander growing on our experimental aquaponic raft system.
Spinach and coriander growing on our experimental raft based aquaponic system. This system sees the plants on a floating raft rather than using a growing medium.  This is a system used by commercial growers growing leafy green crops however you can't grow the same variety of plants that you could using a conventional growing medium system. 

10 day old Rocket
The farms first Rocket crop growing on the Propagator. Like all the herbs grown on the farm they will be used in our production kitchen downstairs when they have fully matured local produce as local as it can be.  

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