Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New Propagation Room On The Farm

We have finished construction of our new propagation room here on the vertical farm.  The propagation room is where we put seeds we have sown and grow them to an acceptable size to be planted in the farm either on the aquaponic units or in the vertical conveyor.

The New Propagation Room

Plants are grown in trays from seed until they are ready to plant out on the farm

Long Shot of Propagation Room 

The propagation room is capable of growing over 2000 plants at full capacity. It is also able to adjust heating, light and humidity levels to each individual plant that is grown in there. They will be grown until they are ready to be planted out. This typically takes 21 days but varies from plant to plant.  

Pak Choi that have been planted out on the Aquaponics unit

Basil That has been Planted on the Hydroponic Conveyor 

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