Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Vertical Farm Visits Lancashire Science Festival

Between the 26th and 28th of June the University of Central Lancashire held a science festival to promote science to children of a younger age. Over the three day event it was visited by primary schools, secondary schools and on the final day was opened to the general public. Wigan UTC Academy was asked to put on an exhibit for the fair and the Vertical farm chipped in by demonstrating a miniature but fully functioning aquaponics unit. here are some photos of the even and I will shortly be adding a how to guide so you can build your own mini aquaponics system.

Wigan UTC stand featuring aquaponics and a programmable PLC 

Miniature Aquaponics Unit  

Aquaponics and the Vertical farm generated a lot of interest with the public 

Display board showing aquaponic designs and photos of the vertical farm

Interested in building your own miniature aquaponics unit? Keep following us as we are soon to release a how to guide on how we built our miniature units.  

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